Go back in time with Chery Lime-Aid™

Some flavors take you back. Such is the case with Firehouse Subs Cherry Lime-Aid™. Growing up in Jacksonville, Fla., the founders’ mother often took them to a local eatery where they would load up on their favorite cherry and hand-squeezed lime beverage. It’s a flavor that stuck with Chris and Robin until they were able to recreate Cherry Lime-Aid for Firehouse Subs. A non-carbonated twist on typical fountain drinks blending ice, cherry syrup and fresh-squeezed tangy lime, it is one of our best-selling beverages thanks to folks like these:

Bill Reck
I drink a gallon every time I come in. It is THE drink for summer (or winter, or fall…).

OMG – finally tried the Cherry Lime-Aid @ Firehouse Subs. It is soooooooo good!

LaTricia Underwood
Cherry Lime-Aid is my favorite drink at the Firehouse. I Love Firehouse.

#Cherry Lime-Aid is on point!

You can adjust just how tangy or sweet your Cherry Lime-Aid is with the number of fresh lime wedges you squeeze into your cup. Start with ice, our original recipe Cherry Lime-Aid from the fountain, fresh-squeezed limes, and stir. We recommend:
3+ limes for a medium
4+ limes for a large


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