Why can’t I redeem my free Birthday Sub offer with an ID, like I used to be able to do?
The Birthday Sub offer is now part of the Firehouse Rewards program, available via the Firehouse Subs app or online. We have received requests from guests in the past, who asked us to consider expanding the redemption window for the Birthday Sub program. The new program allows guests to redeem their Birthday Sub offer on their birthday or within the following six days. FirehouseSubs.com/Birthday
Has the Birthday Sub offer changed?
The offer has not changed. It is still a Free Medium Sub.
What if I’d like to upgrade my Birthday Sub to a large sub?
The Birthday Sub offer is for a Free Medium Sub only.
What if I’m not signed up for Rewards when I come to Firehouse Subs on my birthday?
You can still sign up! Upon signup, you should receive your Birthday Sub offer within the day. Once you receive your birthday reward, you can redeem your birthday sub within the 6 days following your birthday.
Can I redeem my free Birthday Sub offer before my birthday?
The offer will be available starting on your actual birthday, so you will not be able to redeem your offer BEFORE your birthday. The redemption window was expanded from one day (with the old program) to one week (birthday + 6 days following birthday) to allow additional time to take advantage of your Birthday Sub offer.
If I sign up one day after my birthday, will I get the Birthday Sub offer?
To receive the Birthday Sub offer, you must sign up with Firehouse Rewards before or on your birthday. If you sign up after your birthday, you will receive the Birthday Sub offer the following year.
How can I get the Firehouse Rewards app?
If you are 16 or older, you can download the Firehouse Subs app from the App Store or Google Play.
I don’t have a smartphone. How do I participate?
Visit FirehouseSubs.com/Rewards to sign up on our Web Portal. You still need an email address and phone number.
The app or web portal isn’t working correctly. Help!
Contact rewards@firehousesubs.com for technical support, or use the contact link within the Smartphone App or Web Portal.
What smartphones are compatible with the Firehouse Subs Smartphone App?
Compatible phones run Android 4.1+ or iOS 7+. The app is available on Google Play or the App Store.
Will I get a reminder about my Birthday Sub offer via email or in the app?
When your Birthday Sub offer is added to your app (on your birthday), you will see it in your rewards and, if you're subscribed to our emails, you'll also receive an email notification on your big day.
I’m signed up for Firehouse Rewards. Will my Birthday Sub offer automatically appear in my rewards?
Yes, as long as you signed up before your birthday.
What about a Birthday offer for my child(ren)?
You may sign up your child(ren) 15 and under for a Kid’s Birthday Offer by visiting FirehouseSubs.com/Kids. You must register prior to their birthday.
What is the birthday offer for children?
You can choose from one of two offers: Free Kids’ Combo with Purchase of a Medium or Large Sub, Chips and Drink; OR Free Medium Sub, with Purchase of an additional Medium or Large Sub, Chips and Drink. The offer will be emailed to you (the parent) on your child’s birthday. The offer will be valid on your child’s birthday or within the following 6 days.
Why can’t children under 16 sign up for the Birthday Sub reward?
To comply with federal regulations, specifically COPPA and CCPA, Firehouse Subs will not allow signups of those younger than 16.
How many children can a parent sign up on behalf of?
Parents will be able to register up to 5 children for the Kid’s Birthday Offer.
Can I redeem my Birthday offer at any Firehouse Subs restaurant?
You can redeem the Birthday offer in all restaurants except those in Puerto Rico and Canada.