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Top Franchise Brands ​- No. 59 - Entrepreneur Magazine

Top Food Franchises Award - Firehouse Subs No. 4 - Entrepreneur Magazine

Top 500 Restaurant Chains of 2020 - Firehouse Subs No. 58

America's Favorite Chain ​- Firehouse Subs No. 4

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Company Facts

  • More than 1,175 Firehouse Subs restaurants in 45 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and non-traditional locations
  • $51+ million donated to public safety organizations through Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation
  • Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla.
  • 1,700,000 sub rolls a week
  • 316,104 Pickle Buckets annually
  • 10,500,000 pounds of turkey annually
  • Firehouse Subs is the largest user of Datil peppers in the world
  • First menu item was the Dalmatian Dog (a hot dog and no longer on the menu)
  • Firehouse Subs is the only brand in the world to have Coca-Cola Freestyle® in every restaurant

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