A Family Affair: Meet Firehouse Subs Duo Chris and Evelyn Steinacher

It’s the season of love and in celebration of Valentine’s Day on February 14, we are recognizing some of the outstanding franchisee couples in the Firehouse Subs family. 

When Chris and Evelyn Steinacher first met in the spring of 2005, they likely never could have imagined how their future love story would unfold. Now married for over 12 years, the Steinachers run a busy household of four children – in addition to their Firehouse Subs restaurant in Collinsville, IL.

Hear more from Chris and Evelyn on how they run a highly-successful restaurant together and what advice they have for other business owner couples.

How long have you owned your Firehouse Subs restaurants with your spouse? 

Chris initially joined the Firehouse Subs family as a General Manager for the Collinsville restaurant in 2017. Nearly three years later, we purchased the restaurant and will soon celebrate our second anniversary as owners. 

What’s your favorite part about working together? 

We deeply enjoy growing as  individuals – and as a couple – in a business and work environment.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about owning and operating a restaurant with your spouse?  

There will always be instances where we have differing views on how the restaurant should run and operate, but as long as we are working together as a team, every decision is the best we can make!

What activities do you enjoy doing together outside of your restaurants?

We enjoy cheering together at the kids’ soccer games, going to the zoo or park, vacations at The Great Wolf Lodge, and making memories as a family.

What advice do you have for couples who work together?  

Don't let little things about the business affect your relationship with each other. You will work stronger as a couple.

What does your ideal Valentine’s Day look like? 

Our ideal Valentine’s Day would be a homemade dinner, making personalized gifts, and cuddling on the couch as a family to watch a movie together.

What are each of your favorite Firehouse Subs? 

Evelyn’s favorite sub is the classic Turkey Bacon Ranch™, while Chris enjoys his own twist of Chicken Bacon Ranch.