We are honored to continue celebrating Black History Month by highlighting members of our Firehouse Subs® family and their wonderful achievements within restaurants and local communities. 

Larry Webb served in the Army for 20 years, and a passion for helping others and being involved in his community is engrained in him. Larry was drawn to Firehouse Subs® back in 2012 when he learned how it gives back through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. Since then, he has opened three restaurants – two in Illinois and one in Missouri.  

A life-long resident of Missouri, Larry's first job in high school was at a popular sky lift attraction where he was a guide and helped in the kitchen when needed. This experience served as his first introduction to customer service and created an everlasting commitment to deliver authentic hospitality. He gained additional food and beverage industry experience as regional operations manager for another national restaurant brand prior to joining the Army as part of the 82nd Airborne Division. 

While there’s a stark contract between being a Firehouse Subs® franchisee and jumping out of planes as a paratrooper in the military, Larry gets a different kind of thrill from giving back to the community and serving guests 

“I have a passion for serving and it’s always a big thrill to be able to help someone and have them genuinely appreciate it,” Larry said. “We're making a difference on many levels through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and its fervent support of public safety organizations. It’s great to be able to give back not only for first responders, but to military veterans as well.” 

When asked what skills he developed during his time in the military that prepared him to become a Firehouse Subs® franchisee, Larry notes that hiring, mentoring, training and coaching the right people can make or break one’s success. He invests his time in each one of his team members, teaching them the importance of customer engagement and satisfaction 

One of the big things the military teaches is to be a liaison to your community.” Larry continues to do this through engaging in rewarding and meaningful conversations with guests, reaching out to local heroes to inform them about the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation and delivering heartfelt service to his guests. 

Larry attributes the foundation of his success to the building blocks he learned over the two decades spent in the military, as well as to his wife Cheryl’s unwavering support over the last 46 years of their marriage.