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Due to nationwide product shortages, some locations may be unable to offer shredded lettuce as a topping. 



As people stay hunkered down worried about the COVID-19 virus, Jeremy Collins, owner of Signs Now Davenport, wanted to do something for some of the front-line people whose jobs go on regardless. 

So on Tuesday, Collins purchased 50 box lunches from Firehouse Subs, with a discount thrown in by the restaurant, and took them to all seven Davenport fire stations for those on duty. 

There are three shifts, A shift, B shift and C shift. Firefighters work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. So Collins had to determine how many people were working. 

"There are people out there each day, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, who are putting themselves in harm's way," Collins said. "We just wanted to show some appreciation for what these people are doing.

"Think about the firefighter, the EMT, the police officer," he said. "They have no idea what they're going into when a person calls for help. But they go in and helps that person who needs their services, regardless."

Collins said he doesn't want people to forget about the human side in all of this. 

It is understandable people are afraid, he said. But it also seems that some people are forgetting human compassion. 

"I get where we're practicing social distancing," Collins said. But a person who becomes seriously ill with any disease doesn't want to be alone, especially when they need help. "You want a friend when something like this happens."

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