Vince Burchianti

Ultimate Finance Executives: Vince Burchianti of Firehouse Subs

The Ultimate Finance Executive Award honors some of the men and women who have helped lead their companies and shape the business community through their leadership as CFO, controller, chief administrative officer and other roles that oversee the financial side of the house. 

What is your greatest professional accomplishment in the past three years?

The resiliency and hard work of our franchisees and employees through the pandemic resulted in incredible success, which combined with other circumstances, to lead up to our billion-dollar acquisition by Restaurant Brands International at the end of 2021. Working with our founders, CEO and the RBI team was a remarkable experience that helped me reflect on everything we’ve accomplished as a brand, how strong we are, and what’s to come.

What has been the most satisfying moment of your career?

The most satisfying time of my career has been being a part of and responsible for creating a brand with more than 1,200 locations, in addition to being an organization that helps to save lives through our Foundation. Within that journey, it’s been a high priority and pleasure of mine to help franchisees and investors to achieve their goal of owning their own businesses.

How has your leadership helped your company grow?

I joined Firehouse Subs as a Corporate Controller when there were just 33 restaurants. As I grew as a leader to President of Finance and Technology and then to Chief Financial Officer in 2011, I worked to execute a global franchise development strategy, oversee multiple departments and protect the core financial model of Firehouse Subs. As I’ve focused on financial wellness and growth, assisting our franchisees to maximize their return on investment, Firehouse Subs has grown to more than 1,200 restaurants in 46 states, Puerto Rico and Canada.

In what ways do you give back to the community (board membership, volunteering, etc.)

My wife and I are all in and part of the lifesaving mission of the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation. I’m incredibly proud of everything the Foundation does, which includes granting more than $69 million dollars in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico since 2005. The Foundation provides lifesaving equipment and disaster relief for first responders, public safety organizations and members of the military, and money is raised a few different ways. In the restaurant, guests can round up their purchase, donate their spare change, and take home a recycled pickle bucket for a $3 donation. In addition, a portion of every purchase made in Firehouse Subs restaurants goes directly to the Foundation, furthering our mission to sell more subs and save more lives. The Foundation is truly at the heart of everything we do, and I’m incredibly proud of the guests, franchisees and employees who help make their communities safer through their support.

What advice has had the most impact on you personally or professionally?

Remain positive and try to make the current day better than yesterday.

What advice would you have for those just starting their careers who would look to follow in your footsteps?

The advice I gave my 24-year-old son is that success is never enough, and to remain hungry for more. Starting out in the business world, there will be competition from very smart people who want the same thing as you - to be the leader of an organization/department.

What inspires you in your personal or professional life?

I love to see others succeed and become leaders. If I am not mentoring the next generation, I will do a disservice to my staff and the company we work for.

What challenges or opportunities do you see on the horizon and how are you preparing for them?

Our biggest opportunity is to grow Firehouse Subs as one of the world’s most loved restaurant brands with Restaurant Brands International. And we’re lucky to have such a strong foundation thanks to how good our subs are, the support for our Foundation, and our communities of guests and franchise partners. Our franchisees are our most important priority, and it is our responsibility to serve them as we protect and grow our business.