Meet Eddie Byrd: Firehouse Subs Franchisee and Father of Eight  

In honor of Father’s Day on June 20, we are recognizing some of our amazing Franchisee Fathers who work closely with their kid(s) in their Firehouse Subs restaurants. 

Out of his eight children, Eddie Byrd works with three of his sons, Quinton, Tre and Jaylen, in his restaurants. Find out what it’s like for Eddie to work with his sons in the family business. 

In what capacity do you work with your sons at Firehouse Subs? 

I primarily oversee their work in the restaurants, in addition to working side-by-side with them at times. Jaylen is being developed to achieve his immediate goal of certified General Manager and both Quinton and Tre are working as a shift leader and a crew member. They have been part of the team since day one and are excited to take on this opportunity to work for something that is ours. 

What’s your favorite part about being a dad? 

My favorite part is learning my kids' aspirations and helping them achieve success.

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about owning and operating a restaurant within a family dynamic? 

Operating a family business can be tough as far as the time that it takes and commitment from all involved. But at the end of the day, we are working together towards a common goal of running a business that is ours. It’s very rewarding to be doing this work with my family by my side.

Are there any similarities between being a father and a franchisee? If so, what? 

I do what's necessary to ensure a successful outcome in business the same as I develop Jaylen, Tre and Quinton to be successful in their future in business and life.

What does your ideal Father’s Day look like? 

A huge family gathering where we grill out, have some beverages, listen to good music, get some Father’s Day cards and gifts and take family pictures. I also love relaxing on the beach with my wife.

What are each of your favorite Firehouse Subs? 

My favorite is the Hook & Ladder while Jaylen’s is the Club on a Sub, Quinton’s is the Turkey Bacon Ranch and the Smokehouse Beef & Cheddar Brisket is Tre’s. 

What activities do you enjoy doing together outside of the restaurants? 

When possible, I love to have family gatherings with all of my kids. We also enjoy fishing and attending sports functions together.

What advice do you have for new dads? 

Enjoy the early years and have fun. Monitor friends closely and always be there to listen - redirect where needed and provide any advice or guidance.