Tina Boling found herself without a home, job or car after getting out of an abusive relationship in 2016. Fast forward to today, she is the proud owner of her very own Firehouse Subs® restaurant in Kentucky, the franchise owner of a local food delivery service delivering over $1 million in food sales a year, and a dedicated mother to her four children. Tina is a success story on so many levels, and we are honored to give her a well-deserved spotlight during Women’s History Month.

She remembers driving by the newly built Firehouse Subs® restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky, thinking to herself, “I would love to own that restaurant.” Her food delivery service was already delivering for that location, but then in 2020, the opportunity to become its owner was presented to her. “I was super excited but scared at the same time, asking myself if I could run two businesses successfully,” Tina shared. “I did not want to fail. I prayed hard and it became clear eventually.”While Tina is proud of the woman she has become after all she’s been through, and honored to own and operate two successful businesses, she cites her four children as her greatest accomplishment of all. “I raised two entrepreneurs,” she beamed.When asked about the significance of empowering women, Tina said, “The power and importance of women’s voices have never been clearer. Women play a vital role in building our country. Women are strong-minded and provide a safe and inviting place.”Women’s History Month means acknowledgment of all of the accomplishments women have made over the years,” Tina continued. “Most women are determined to move the world, and I’m one of those. While we have miles to go, I am grateful that we are closer to a day when every boy and girl sees that the women in their lives played a vital role in building our country. Each day that passes brings us closer to a better future.”Tina’s future aspirations include opening a second Firehouse Subs® restaurant, expanding her delivery business, and inspiring other young women.“I love encouraging and developing young people to grow,” she noted. “I have had several along the way ask how I got here. I say be strong-minded, having dedication, and hustle hard. It gets hard sometimes, but that's when you grow.”