I heard that loyalty systems are back up, but I don’t see my Rewards points, the Rewards page, and/or the barcode to Earn in-store.
Please try closing out of the application and re-opening. If that does not work, try deleting the app and re-downloading from the app store.
My birthday was between April 6th and now, while the loyalty systems were down, so I wasn’t able to redeem or claim my birthday reward.
Now that our loyalty systems are back up, we are working on making the birthday reward available to those who couldn’t redeem. Any users who fall into this category will see an incentive for a Free Medium Sub appear in the app within the next few weeks.
I originally signed up for an account with an email that I no longer have access to. How do I update my account info?
Unfortunately, we cannot change the email that is tied to an existing account. You will need to sign up for a new account with an email address that you do have access to. If you want to transfer points to a new account, please fill out this form and select “Contact us about our app, website, or loyalty program”.
I was told to save my receipt to claim points for purchases made while loyalty is down, but there’s no place for me to upload this receipt.
If you would like to claim points for a recent purchase, please send a picture of the receipt to rewards@firehousesubs.com.
I’m not seeing the new Firehouse Subs App
The new Firehouse Subs App is being rolled out over the next couple weeks for all users.
I am attempting to log in using the email associated with my existing Firehouse Subs Account but I am not receiving the code.
Some email providers may automatically send our emails to Spam or Promotional folders, so please make sure to check there. While our emails typically come through immediately, there can also be a delay for a few minutes. If you don’t receive a code after 3 minutes, click the Resend Code link or contact us using this link!
I have logged into my Account on the new App but do not see my Points balance.
Firehouse Rewards Points are in the process of being migrated over. Please check the App again over the next few days or contact us using this link!
I cannot see or redeem my previously-activated Rewards in-restaurants
Due to an outage with our POS provider, our Firehouse Rewards loyalty program is currently unavailable in-restaurant, we apologize for the inconvenience. Guests can still earn Points and redeem Rewards when they place an order through our new App for in-restaurant pickup. If you'd like to earn Points for your in-restaurant purchase, please keep your receipt and email it to Rewards@firehousesubs.com.
How does Firehouse Rewards work?
Earn rewards by entering your phone number at the register every time you make a purchase at Firehouse Subs. You'll earn 1 point for every $0.01 you spend. Collect enough points and you can exchange them for great rewards like free subs, meal upgrades, and more.

Sign up and get a free large drink with sub purchase!

Currently, you may not earn points on Firehouse Subs Gift Cards or Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation "Round Up" donations.
How do I sign up?
Download our app for iOS and Android in the App Store or Google Play. Or, you may signup on our web portal.
Where is Firehouse Rewards available?
All US locations, not including Puerto Rico.
On which mobile platforms is the app available?
iOS 10.0 or later, and Android 6.0 and up. Alternatively, our web portal is web browser-based and should work on all platforms, but the experience has fewer features than the app.
How do I know how many points and rewards I have?
App: Tap on the Rewards tab on the home screen, or the Rewards icon in the bottom navigation bar. From there you can track how many points you have and how far you are from earning your next reward.

Web: Login to your account to see your current points and rewards status. Click on the reward you want to activate.
How do I earn points?
There are a few ways:
1. Enter your phone number in the payment terminal when ordering at the restaurant.
2. Order through the Firehouse Subs app.
3. Email your receipt to rewards@firehousesubs.com
How do I redeem my rewards?
Before you order, tap or click on the reward that you want to redeem and follow the on-screen instructions. Enter your phone number at the register next time you order and the reward will be applied to your order.

Or, you can order in our app or online and apply your reward before you pickup your order!

How do I earn points and redeem rewards when ordering food through the app or web?
Your points will automatically be credited when ordering in the app or online from the Firehouse Subs online ordering site, as long as you are logged in.
Why do you need my phone number?
Your phone number acts as a unique identifier and prevents you from needing to carry around a rewards card. We do not share or sell your information.
I'm having problems with the app or rewards website. What do I do?
Reach out to our technical support team at rewards@firehousesubs.com.